Marshal Aria CrimsonLyra Leopard


Aria Crimson is an intriguing marvel to behold.
Being the only child, Aria Van Deman grew up in a household that consistently held her to the fire in the throes of competition headed by her grandfather.  Two of Aria’s Uncles and her father fought in the American civil war and her Grandfather was wrongfully indicted as being in collusion with enemies of the state when he harbored his youngest son who was injured during a scuffle after being found out to be an intelligence officer for confederate forces.  Aria’s Grandfather died at the gallows and was branded a traitor. Her Uncle was executed by firing squad; Her Father never returned from the front lines and is presumed to be dead.
Arias Mother died soon after as her depression and addiction to laudanum took a hold of her while self-medicating to deal with the enormous loss. ( Aria was 5 years old )
Aria was sent to live with her surviving Uncle and his family, Captain Ralph Van Deman, who happened to be the future head Officer of the Division of Military Information (later called the Military Intelligence Division). Aria’s Uncle was a brilliant tactician and surveillance/Intelligence officer. Ralph during his times at home consistently doted on Aria and took her under his arm as an attaché. The two could be seen consistently discussing his adventures overseas late into the evenings over a game of chess.
When Aria turned 17, Captain Van Deman procured an unorthodox edict from the Chief of DMI Major Arthur L. Wagner to create a network of Civilian (but secretly militarily trained) covert assets to facilitate a world-wide intelligence network.  Aria was one of the first to be recruited and assigned.  
After Serving and traveling the world for four years as a covert informant for the DMI, Aria abruptly left the Division for unknown reasons. To her uncle’s disgust she took to bounty hunting in the northwestern territories of Wyoming, Utah and Nebraska.  Being a relative to Captain Ralph Van Deman immediately won her favor with Allan Pinkerton of which granted her special dispensation of first refusal for most bounty contracts assigned to the Pinkerton Security Agency within those regions.  Her reputation and track record for bringing in Marques alive- was impeccable.  Her signature apprehension technique became that of utilizing a highly altered 30.06 rifle with military grade advanced optics to blow both kneecaps of her marque with a single shot—so that running or riding by horseback for the marque would be impossible. Aria’s Nickname amongst the bounty hunting community was the “Crimson Tide” in reference to her brutish and un-lady like mannerisms of which made her a bit of a prickly personality, not to mention the bloody way she preferred to bring in her marques in alive.
Those that wanted to remain on her good side, just called her “Crimson” and dedicated the nickname to her Rose Wine Red colored Hair.  Usually you could find Aria in the local saloon with her side arm at the ready staring at a carefully laid out chess set— being easily provoked into a fight with whoever crossed her. If someone engaged her for a legitimate game- she would by them a drink and abruptly beat them and ask them to leave.
 Allan Pinkerton implored Aria to take up a more productive past-time by training other women like her in order to create a full unit of femme fatales to start bringing Outlaws to justice (along with a side of humiliation). Allan’s plan was to bring Aria to a better sense of self-respect through making her a reluctant leader.   Aria created the outfit known as the Sirens of the West, but soon found that taking on partners was a heartbreaking and depressing endeavor. One by one as she trained these Marshals, each one died in the field within weeks of the completion of their training.  When one particular Senators Daughter against her father’s wishes joined up with the sirens and died on the Outlaw Trail while tracking down the infamous thief Butch Cassidy and his aptly called “Wild Bunch”, Allan Pinkerton was put under huge amounts of political pressure for both the loss, but also the escape of the bandits.
Aria was given the ultimatum to bring in Butch Cassidy to save face—  or to Disappear from the Americas, as a certain Senator of the New Imperialist Government was hell bent on getting vengeance against her for his daughters sudden death.
Allan Pinkerton contracted with a former commandant of the Royal Naval Air-Service working in the Americas and attached his ship and crew (The HMA Dragoon) to Aria and her two remaining Marshals in the Sirens (REV and BELLE) in the hopes that overpowering the Wild Bunch with Aerial Firepower & Superiority would put an end to both his and Aria’s Political problems.
Allan Pinkerton had become consumed by the Imperialistic Political Machine making him a compromised ally …

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