Life is just one Dashing Bold Adventure

Christopher Uchman


So there I was,
Surrounded by what seemed to be millions of serpents unleashed onto the deck covering the very floorboards, guidelines and bulkheads that once made up the rigidity of this fine vessel.

It seems strange that we never loaded any cargo for the voyage that would have indicated the pure tonnage that would be attributed to such an amass of creatures. But there it is, our worst nightmare unleashed.

Worst of all, the Helm and the C&C seems to be inundated with the beasties allowing us no path or course to gain back control of the ship.

Only one thing left to do, Grab the blowtorches and make some “Serpent Stew” and “Barbecue”.
So glad we converted the Ship to Helium over Hydrogen now.
Wish us luck!

One Comment

  1. Baron Johann Kharza
    June 26, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    Hey— Does The Crew know you wear a girdle?

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